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  Eurocell fabricator Elite Conservatories and Windows have added to their extensive range of products with Modus S-TJ, the new industry standard for upvc windows.
 The 75mm Modus S-TJ (Timber Joint) improves upon the game changing modus range by offering a traditional timber look window that is fully welded.
Following feedback from trade customers Phil Warner, MD set about developing a timber look system that avoided the pitfalls and complaints that frustrates many fitters in the industry.
Phil comments: “Timber effect windows are very much in high demand for customers looking for a window with a traditional look. There are a many options available but each has its own problems.”
“Some systems required the glass to be bonded to the frame. From an installers point of view this makes for a very heavy window to install as you cant take the glass out. Should you have an accident on site and break a unit, it’s the whole sash that needs to be replaced. You can’t carry on and fit the window and wait for an emergency unit.”
“With the new Modus S-TJ window we’ve been able to a manufacture a quality traditional timber look window that is cheaper and easier to install. Crucially, as the sash is welded it doesn't comprise on strength and integrity. ” concludes Phil.
to produce a perfect timber look joint on every frame, guaranteeing quality on every window.
“The next option is mechanically jointed windows. The problem here is two fold. Some installers experience problems with the joints cracking open when beading and the second is the issue with weather proofing the joints on the sash”
Established in 2001 the family run business has been a eurocell fabricator for 15 years. The company also offers a full range of upvc products from eurocell and aluminium products from smart, roof lanterns, conservatory roofs including Skypod, composite doors and Eurologik windows.
freefoam 01604 591110
This year’s ‘Innovation Home’ features Freefoam X-Wood Urban Cladding, prior to its release later in the year, to create a stunning exterior finish.
The whole house was built prior to the exhibition by Off Site Factory Homes in four separate ‘modules’, which were then transported to the show and constructed to form one house. Tony Fox, Director Off Site Factory Homes, explained how the process worked “ To create a durable and stable modular construction we need materials to be light, easy to handle and to withstand the rigors of transportation. Whilst this project was for a temporary building we apply the same criteria to permanent projects. We used Freefoam cladding last year and found it met all of our criteria and made perfect sense to use the new X-Wood Urban product for this year’s house. We found it really easy to work with and were very pleased with the finished results” Tony commented “Construction time using modular techniques can be nearly half
Elite started production of the new system in April after investing £60,000 in new machinery including a new two head welder with restricted burn off and a state-of-the art end miller. The bespoke miller helps
off site success
       collared iso chemie 07837 337220
    Rapid and effective air and weather tight sealing around windows and doors is provided by a new easy-to-use collar system from foam sealants specialists ISO- CHEMIE.
  The self-adhesive ISO-CONNECT EPDM Sealing Collar is a single-piece bespoke solution, which can be quickly fitted around fenestration elements installed in façades and load bearing walls to provide long lasting external protection against the elements.
movements due to its high elasticity properties, the Sealing Collar is resistant to extremes of temperature and weather.
that of conventional methods. Building in a controlled environment, with less stoppages due to weather can really add up. Secondly we find that there is less wastage of materials with no exposure to bad weather. Finally there is a substantial amount of money to be saved when choosing modular over a conventional build, with a shorter programme time for each project and lower labour costs.”
Featuring vulcanised sections, the collar can be fitted up to six times faster than alternative foil strip sealants via a butyl adhesive or a clip- in frame groove feature, saving onsite labour and material costs.
It also possesses good diffusion properties and complies with the relevant building regulations and DIN EN standards, covering thermal conductivity, dimension tolerance, and resistance to driving rain on joints among others.
Colin St John, Freefoam Commercial Director summarised “We’re delighted to have been involved in this project which has allowed us to showcase the suitability of our products for modular construction methods. Whilst we’re aware that off-site construction will not solve all our housing needs we see it as a growing opportunity across our entire range. ”
Product can be customised to specific applications – the fitter places the collar around the frame section in front of the wall before securely bonding it to the supporting wall or façade.
Supplied with a 10-year warranty and available in 0.6mm, 0.75mm, 1mm, 1.3mm and 1.5mm thicknesses, the Sealing Collar comes in a choice of four finishes to suit all applications. Moulded inside and outside corners are also available for in front-of-wall elements, lower connection areas, floor-level elements, and balcony and patio door systems.
Manufactured from flexible EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), which can compensate for joint
 northern vision - may 2018

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