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housing. High streets should be helped to survive so that they can continue British culture, providing local services to those local people. A start would be councils increasing free parking and reducing rates sufficiently so that small business can compete. The alternative is ghost towns with a lot of low cost housing, no where to shop with poor services, and amenities.
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 Lloyds recent announcement of 49 branches to close with 1200 jobs to go joins the growing list of closures and liquidations across many high street brands, joining the likes of bargain booze, Maplins, toys r us and HSBC.
As an industry we will benefit from a lot of these developments in the short term but there may be a long term loss to us all.
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  There is however light at the end of the tunnel. For instance in our local village we have seen the police station sold and turned in to social housing. This is only one of many simular projects that can only be of benefit for our industry. Again on my travels I could see another local shopping center of about sixty shops all boarded up with a demolition notice for plans for a low cost housing estate planned for late 2019.
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       It would seem though, the small town local high streets are still going to struggle. My local town has now lost three banks and two supermarkets. Two of the banks former premises are still for sale two years on. Unlike the other developments I do not believe these would or should be turned in to
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