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Do You Get It?
Do You Give It?
Lets discuss a thorny topic in this industry, writes our expert technical author Don Waterworth. The topic – Customer Service.
Whenever I meet with a pri- vate client (householder) I am invariably met with a typical comment from the householder, something like - 'are all window companies rubbish at customer service?'
Unfortunately, my response is that yes, 90% of window com- panies and their suppliers sim- ply do not do service - and this lack of service is endemic throughout the industry.
The norm
It does not give me any pleas- ure to admit to a householder who is having difficulty with a window company regarding re- medial works, that the bad serv- ice that they are receiving is pretty normal.
Isn't it time the industry changed?
I inspect endless composite doors with defective elements or damage, with the householder sometimes waiting several months for a suitable product that will perform as promised.
Conservatory roofs
I inspect endless conservatory roofs allowing water ingress to occur, through no fault of the
Are all window companies rubbish at customer service?
It’s time to discuss attitudes to a fundamental says
Don Waterworth
window company but in the main due to poor manufacture. Again this problem can take months if not years to conclude.
Draughty sashes are a favourite defect in this industry, as the manufacturers strain to produce as many frames as possible, without the slightest concept as to whether the windows are performing as promised.
Work you suppliers
My advice to all you window companies and installers is to be damned hard on your sup- pliers. Don't accept outlandish promises with regards to prod- uct performance without some hard evidence and proof that the products will do what the supplier promises.
Remember, when your cus- tomer complains, it will be you who has to take all the flack and grief which sometimes can end up in Court and where will your supplier be? Nowhere to be seen I bet.
Where it starts
Make your suppliers work hard, make them prove every benefit and feature of their products. If you are in any doubt, don't use them.
Customer service in the indus- try is poor but it all starts with the manufacturers. i
 The Master Window and Conservatory Installers Association Technical/Legal Column
Don Waterworth BSc (Hons) FCABE MEWI Chartered Building Engineer / Building Surveyor
Expert Witness Accredited Media- tor
Founder of the MWCIA
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