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New Year New Investment
Astraseal has invested in another Stuga machine – the ZX5, which becomes the British firm’s flagship machining centre. Launched at The FIT Show 2017, the ZX5 has a capacity to manufacture a min- imum of 800 windows per week and joins Astraseal’s existing Stuga machines.
Colin Stanley, Astraseal’s Operations Director says: “It’s great to start the year with
a bang by taking our operation to the next level. The new machinery is just one of
many additions and developments we plan to make over the coming year as we move
forward and look to best support our valued trade and commercial customers across the country.”
Taking advantage of a 360-degree rotary tooling system rather than a conventional fixed head system, the ZX5 is a flexible, sophisticated sawing and machining centre. The new rotary system allows for limitless capa- bilities and effectively streamlines machining cycles, with separate sawing and machining modules working in tan- dem.
The ZX5 also features the ‘Tru-Loc’ gripping system, which ensures the accuracy of every cut or notch by eliminating grip slip. This system means the ZX5 can make complex 45 and 90-degree cuts and pinpoint ‘V’ and ‘Y’ notches on both sides of the frame or transom profile with complete precision every time. i
Tradelink Window Solutions has opened a new manufactur- ing facility and Windowcenter in Stoke-on-Trent - its fourth Windowcenter in the UK
Jim Moody, MD explains: “This fourth Windowcenter has been opened so that Midlands-based installers can take advantage of Tradelink’s prod- uct range and our top service.
“We have invested £450,000 in machinery for the new manufacturing facility in Stoke. The new premises brings our total to six sites across the UK. We produce a full range of windows and doors, including our own Regi- ment composite door range and the impressive Residence 7S window sys- tem.”
At a well-attended, three day opening event in December, the Stoke Win- dowcenterranaseriesof giveawaysandcompetitionsforcustomersinclud- ing the Tradelink Wheel of Fortune game with free spins on every quote and order. Winners received a range of great prizes including windows and doors, tool boxes and a Dewalt radio. i
    Thermoseal Group has launched Chinese Mandarin additions to its Thermobar and Thermoflex Warm Edge Technology multilingual websites.
Satellite sites – and www.ther- – are now hosted in 7 languages including: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish and the latest Chinese additions.
Samantha Hill, Head of Marketing and Communications says: “We began developing satellite websites as an informational and promotional tool for our two Warm Edge Spacer bars. The Chi- nese market for warm edge spacers is a growing market and we aim to contribute towards educating the supply chain on the advantages of warm edge technology whilst increasing our share of this market. With two of the highest performance spacer sys- tems and the capacity for growth, we are in a great position to
become a leading supplier in this market.
“With comprehensive information for: IG manufacturers, Window Installers, Specifiers and Homeowners, both sites have
been praised by our distributors and have now become key information points for their own promotion throughout the supply chain. The latest additions have been launched to support our Chinese distributor. i
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