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   Double insulation
In terms of weather protection, dou- ble rebated composite doors offer better thermal efficiency and better acoustic performance in compari- son to others. Although a single re- bated door offers a great level of
protection, as it is sealed on every side facing away from the home, a double rebated door has addi- tional groove that provides an extra seal. This allows for an even tighter, impenetrable fit that offers excellent resistance against wind, rain and snow.
Composite door designs have evolved in the recent years. Our range for example is available in multiple styles and colours, with a variety of hardware and decorative clear and frosted glass options that reflect the latest trends desired by homeowners.
These advances in design and overall aesthetics, along with as- sured higher levels of security, ease of installation and better thermal and acoustic insulation, has re- sulted in a higher specification of composite doors. Something that
we expected will continue to grow more in the coming months, espe- cially from discerning installers and homeowners seeking added value features on new developments and renovations across UK.
Having the best of Bowater’s rep- utation for excellent quality, service and a personal touch, along with Birtley’s resources to provide tech- nologically advanced doorsets, has resulted in ours becoming a trusted and recognised brand amongst both homeowners and installers. Opting for one of our composite doors, which includes superb aes- thetics, security and energy per- formance, provides further assurance to your clients that their door is of the highest quality and has a premium look and feel.” i
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