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              Certass Column
Swift By Name But Not By Nature
AbigpartofmyjobatCer- tass, Simon Swift, Business De- velopment Executive at Certass told The Installer, is travelling up and down the country, visiting new and ex- isting members of our schemes. I might be called Swift but I| like to take quality time with every client I take time to go and see.
Local Reputation
For One thing that they all have in common, whether they’re in Perth or Portsmouth, is that they have built fantastic reputations for themselves in their local area.
Word of Mouth
A lot of their leads and referrals come via word-of-mouth, with homeowners recommending local installers to their family, friends and neighbours, because of their great product ranges and impressive workmanship.
Local companies really under- stand that it can be the smallest things that make a big difference to homeowners. Doing a great tidy-up job at the end of each day of the installation, or just being friendly and keeping them updated on what’s going on dur- ing the project – these are the things that stick in people’s minds when they have work done on their homes.
Community Spirit
Not only that, many of them play a big part in the local commu- nity. Whether it’s being a kit sponsor for a local football team, supporting charity events or just being a great neighbour in their
Simon Swift, Business Devel- opment Executive at Cer- tass talks to The Installer about how he likes to spend quality time with Certass members,how theygrow their local reputations and being the body with a com- monsense approach to cer- tification for local installers
Simon Swift says – If you would likemetovisityou,youcansee whereabouts in the country Iamthisweekonourcontact us page or apply for our installer scheme online at
everyday operations, a great reputation in the local community is so important for Certass mem- bers.
How the Homeowner Advice Hub Helps
A Certass membership is a great way for installers to start building their reputations. As well as of- fering advice and information for installers, our website is a hub of information for homeowners on the hunt for a local installer they can trust.
From blogs about getting rid of condensation in conservatories, to information on Building Regu- lations and workmanship stan- dards, we advise homeowners on the right questions to ask when they’re choosing home im- provement products and installa- tion companies to install them.
Certass Member Search
And of course, all our members are listed on our Certass Con-
tractor Database, so homeown- ers can find their local Certass in- staller and contact them direct, safe in the knowledge that they have been assessed and in- spected to Certass standards.
Understanding Installer’s Challenges
At Certass, we like to make sure that we get to know our mem- bers and we do that by doing regular visits and being just on the end of the phone if they need us. This also helps us to under- stand the challenges that they are facing, and develop our schemes to offer solutions for them.
We’ve taken everything into consideration, from making reg- istering jobs online quick and easy, to dispute resolution serv- ices and technical support from experienced, knowledgeable local inspectors to discounted lia- bility insurance.
Plus, for added peace of mind for homeowners, all work regis- tered through the Certass scheme comes with an insur- ance-backed guarantee via our insurance partners. Finance op- tions are available too, through our partnership with top home improvement broker Shermin Fi- nance.
Whether you’re a sole trader or a bigger local or regional in- stallation company, at Certass, we’re all about common-sense certification that adds value to your business, saves you money and helps you to get on with the great installations you’re known for in your local area. i
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