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Reviving an art form
“This traditional, hand-drawn method is still making its way into the manufacture of new products”
Pilkington UK has launched two new patterns in its Pilkington Texture Glass range. The new products, Pilkington Cassini and Pilkington Tribal, add to the manufacturer’s existing texture glass
range, which homeowners
privacy and security while adding style to windows and doors, partitions, dividers,
splash-backs cupboards.
helps maintain
Pilkington Cassini features fine line detail that offers a multi- layered effect, resulting in a modern design influenced by the mosaics of Barcelona.
In contrast, Pilkington
Tribal has a hand-drawn finish inspired by Aztec patterns. To achieve this look, Pilkington used traditional hand- engraving methods when creating the roller that is used to patttern the glass, to produce a modern patterned glass that’s steeped in history.
Ian Bateson, specialist in hand-etching, says: “Hand- etching is a dying art i nthis country, with so many patterns these days relying on computer design. I’ve been helping create textured glass with Pilkington for over 40 years and I’m proud that this traditional, hand-drawn method is still making its way into the manufacture of new products.”
Leo Pyrah, texture glass product manager at Pilkington, says: “Working with leading trend forecasters, we’ve created two new contemporary and stylish patterns that complement our existing range.
“The new products will help to capture demand from homeowners who are increasingly looking for ways to create more privacy while still maintaining a pleasing aesthetic and functionality for home interiors.”
Pilkington Texture Glass offers 21 different designs ranging from traditional to contemporary, allowing maximum light in while maintaining a chosen level of privacy or obscuration. ❐
Watch how the PilkingtonTribal pattern was made here:
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