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G-Smatt creates G-Tainers as pop-up buildings which could be anything from a retail outlet to a pub or restaurant.The company works with an engineering company to manufacture steel frameworks which are glazed with G-Smatt glass
are no long influenced by static advertisements, they need to be drawn in. The social media platforms such as Facebook, instagram, whatsapp or youtube are all dynamic, allowing instant contact with and reaction from potential customers.
“Cities are going to become dynamic. Advertisements on building will draw people into stores and once inside you can send offers to their smartphones. But what about someone entering a store and immediately seeing a display showing the products she might be interested in? And the display changes for the next customer and so-on.”
Korean based G-Smatt has offices in five countries, it’s output in Seoul is 125,00m2 a year with China producing a further 350,00m2.
“For the past 20 years I have been involved with product as a manager and an owner,” says Orhan Ertughrul. G- Smatt glass is the kind of product you dream about. It doesn’t need selling, all you have to do is get it in front of customers and they will buy it.” Ë
G-Smatt glass starts with a sheet of float glass coated with fluorine tin oxide
A circuit is laser etched onto the surface
LEDs are then precision placed and glued to the surface.
Spacers keep the top layer of glass away from the LEDs
The glass is finished with a second piece of glass which, depending on the planned use, may be toughened.
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