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Tomorrow’s glass
The idea of programmable glass is not new. For a long time it was a just vision; advertising your company on the outside of your building, having the ability to change the image at will. Holograms were a great hope.
Now a new company G-Smatt Europe has changed the game with a glass product that appears to have no limitations.
The idea and the product come from South Korea. Launched in 2014 it has grown rapidly transforming buildings inside and out across the world
European vice president Orhan Ertughrul says: “I had never seen anything like this glass.When I first saw it I thought that it had fantastic potential. In the market it was going to be huge. I made a presentation to the board in Seoul, we opened a 13,000sq ft warehouse and here we are. By the end of 2017 turnover in the UK is doing well and will do even better next year.”
The company has three areas: Interiors, events and architecture. “We can transform a reception area, for example, show the latest products today and change it to something else tomorrow. As a stage background at events the possibilities are almost unlimited and our architectural grade will light up a building – and bear in mind we are not talking about static displays, things can move across the
Orhan Ertughrul
screen, change while you are watching. They can be linked to an activity taking place so, for instance an artwork can appear as it is being created. In fact you can reference on the outside whatever is happening on the inside. And with an app we can allow observers to interact with the display from a tablet.”
“Advertising is changing,” says Ertughrul. “Consumers
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