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Slide, seal, delivered
according to the German DIN 18040 standard.
The circumferential gasket has been proven to meet relevant industry standards for air and water impermeability, resisting test pressures of up to 1200 Pa. Roto says that Patio Inowa is suited to all environmental conditions, including location on high rise buildings that
are often exposed to very strong gusts of wind.
The maximum sash loading of 200kg provides the opportunity for energy efficient glazing to be accommodated. This, coupled with the strong weather performance, ensures that an installation with Patio Inowa can be a very energy efficient element, helping buildings
to meet and even exceed energy saving requirements. The all-round locking is achieved via the tapered locking cams, which gradually pull the sash closed in a perpendicular direction when the handle is turned downwards into the fully locked position. The system has been geared to make it easy for one person to operate the mechanism and slide the sash open and closed, all via the
Roto’s Patio Inowa system is designed to make large sliding windows a possibility for projects on which
requirements, such as accessibility, air tightness, energy efficiency and noise reduction, are high priorities.
Compared with
traditional in- line sliders, on which the locking points are confined to the vertical closing side only, Patio Inowa offers a number of benefits.
The main
feature is the
manner in
which this
hardware system closes and locks with a perpendicular action, compressing an unbroken, all round weather sealing strip and keeping it tightly shut by means of locking points on all four sides.
A low base frame profile means that installations made with Patio Inowa are designated as barrier-free
“Patio Inowa
is foolproof”
handle only.
handle design. “These features are combined with brand new developments such as the smooth, low-friction rollers which provide a premium quality feel and help make the system a pleasure to use,” says a Roto spokesperson.
Along with the very easy handle movement, the product creates a sliding door that anyone can operate easily, even at the maximum sash weight of 200 kg and height of 2500mm.
Patio Inowa is suitable for use on PVC, timber and aluminium profiles. ❐
Patio Inowa is ‘foolproof’ in that it is not possible to put the handle into a position where damage to the mechanism via misoperation can occur. This makes the system very well suited for use in offices, public buildings, hotels or rental apartments.
The product makes use of some familiar elements, such as a tried and tested locking unit that has been used in many other Roto systems, plus a classic Roto
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