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Well hinged
High- performance Just 3D door hinges from SFS are helping Grabex Windows, to grow its share of the timber residential doors market. The company, which has worked with SFS for the past five years, offers more than 50 different fenestration products in timber, aluminium and PVC-U. It serves customers across the capital and surrounding counties.
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grow as more and more homeowners and developers appreciate the natural beauty, performance and sustainability benefits of timber. One consistent factor is that every one of its timber entrance doors features high- performance Just 3D hinges from SFS. Just 3D is a European-manufactured, precision-engineered hinge designed for flush-fit doors which provides adjustability in three dimensions – height, horizontal and gasket pressure. This ensures a precise fit for the doorset to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction and reduce the risk of call-backs.The ability to achieve a superior installation is backed by the quality and visual appeal of Just 3D hinges. Self-lubricating bushes ensure smooth, long term operation, verified when tested to EN 1935, with a load rating of 100Kg achieved in testing. Just 3D suits both left and right handed applications with security screws ensuring suitability for both internal and external doors.
The system is also applicable to steel frames as well as glass doors.
Michael Grabowski, managing director of Grabex Windows says: “We use SFS Just 3D hinges as standard on our timber doors because they deliver the quality and performance that our customers expect from our doorsets. We’ve established an excellent reputation for quality, which has helped to drive our business growth, so we really value components like the Just 3D that we can fit and forget, safe in the knowledge they will stand the test of time extremely well.” ❐
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