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Perfectly fits the bill
David Ruzicka’s installation company, Love my Door, is now fitting Brisant’s Lock Lock security handle as standard. “We only sell products I truly believe in, and with top quality looks, security, and anti-corrosion, Lock Lock fits the bill,” says Ruzicka. “I ask customers to hold Lock Lock so they can compare the weight and feel of it to other handles. It’s an easy sell from then on: they’re happy to pay the extra.
“If I’m selling a £2,000 door, I’d be embarrassed to think I had only invested £6.50 in a standard handle and – even more importantly – just £1.60 on the actual lock. These are the two fundamental things on a door that keep my customers safe and secure. I don’t want a component that saves me money, I want the best – something that does a fantastic job, and that makes me money.”
Ruzicka was a founding member of Network VEKA (now Independent Network) and worked for SASH UK for over 25 years. He built the company from 12 employees to over 250, in addition to increasing turnover from £500,000 to £28m.
He says: “Love My Door sells the products I’d be happy to supply to family and friends. Our reputation is everything, and is built on word of mouth. Lock Lock fits perfectly into our portfolio: it’s what the industry has been waiting for.” ❐
   Bowater by Birtley has announced its 60 minute fire rated door.
“We offer both 30 minute and 60 minute fire rated doors, to give our customers the most appropriate product for each individual project,” says Kevin Kiernan of Bowater by Birtley. “A year ago, we made a promise to our customers that we would give them the range so that htey had the choice, but perhaps the most important areas for delivering fit for purpose products is in fire and flood protection and we have both. “Product testing is always important, but never is it more critical than in the areas of flood or fire protection. Where lives are at risk, there can be no compromise.The team at Bowater by Birtley take this responsibility seriously on behalf of our customers, whose reputations are at irsk, and of course on behalf of the end users, who are relying on us to supply fit for purpose, high performance products.” ❐
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