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Expanding Eastwards
After a year which showed a continual expansion in its export network,Thermoseal Group, has launched Chinese Mandarin additions to its Thermobar and Thermoflex warm edge technology multilingual websites writes Samantha Hill, head of marketing and communications
  Samantha Hill
 We began developing satellite websites as an informational and promotional tool for our two warm edge spacer bars. The websites – – are now published in seven languages including: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish and the latest Chinese additions. Both sites host the group’s Warm Comfortable Homes video which demonstrates the advantages of warm edge technology. The sites provide a range of information on warm edge systems and the group’s spacers.
The Chinese market for warm edge spacers is growing and we aim to contribute towards educating the supply chain on the advantages of warm edge technology whilst increasing our share of this market. With two of the highest performance spacer systems and the capacity for growth, we are in a great position to become a leading supplier in this market.
With comprehensive information for IG manufacturers, window installers, specifiers and homeowners, both sites have been praised by our distributors and have become key information points for their own promotion throughout the supply chain. The latest additions have been launched to support our Chinese distributor. was instrumental in our promotion at China Glass in Beijing earlier this year and now with, we demonstrated both sites at the recent exhibitions – Fenestration BAU in Shanghai and Glasstech Asia in Singapore.
Thermoflex is becoming more popular in export markets now it has been proven for use on most worldwide brands of robot applicators for automated production, such as those from machinery manufacturers – Bystronic, Forel and Lisec.
The fact that we control the development of our spacer systems and injection-moulded fittings from initial inception of the idea throughout the manufacturing process, means that we are also ideally placed to add and adapt our range to suit market requirements.
Thermobar and Thermoflex warm edge spacers are both highest performance tested and proven products. Both have Bundesverband Flachglas (BF) data sheets for windows and facades. Thermobar has a thermal conductivity value of 0.14W/m2K and can achieve a window Psi value as low as 0.029W/m2K. Thermoflex is the highest performance flexible silicone spacer system with a thermal conductivity value of 0.135W/m2K achieving a window Psi value as low as 0.027W/m2K. Both spacers have also been rated phA+ for arctic climates by the Passive House Institute. ❐
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