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Logical for logistics
Lisec, manufacturer of equipment and machinery for flat glass processing, claims to have revolutionised logistical handling of insulating glass units. Its new system, comprising a gantry crane facility (UTS-B) and a mobile unit buffer (MEB-B) improves quality, saves time,
resources and money according to Lisec.
The automatic gantry crane (UTS-B), is arranged
downstream of a Lisec sealing machine; it is particularly suitable for unstacking newly sealed insulating glass units with fixed or flexible spacer systems with particular advantages for thermoplastic spacers.The unit buffers are specifically designed to allow the thermoplastic spacers to cure directly at the buffer.
As the glass units are sent out in the direction of the line they are rotated from horizontal to upright position before being sorted into the mobile buffer system (MEB-B).The buffer allows manual or automatic unloading, curing and transporting of IGUs obviating the need for re-sorting, acording to Lisec.
The individual transport racks can be coded for each customer. The new Lisec delivery tracking simplifies logistical handling, provides transparency and saves time in the logistics process.
The entire modular system can be adapted to the customer's space requirements and is compatible with almost all current Lisec lines. ❐
   Morley Glass & Glazing is getting into the ring with a new sponsorship opportunity, with the integral blind manufacturer pledging its support to up and coming boxer, Terry Broadbent, as he attempts to make a name for himself in the world of professional boxing.
Having previously taken a break from the sport to focus on his contract cleaning company servicing companies in and around Leeds, Broadbent made the decision this year to give his all to the sport he loves, selling his part in the business in order to devote himself to boxing full time. In a show of support a number of the companies he previously worked with in his cleaning business, including Morley Glass & Glazing, have come together to sponsor him as he aims to achieve his ultimate goal of boxing for a world title.
Ian Short, managing director at Morley Glass & Glazing, says: “Having been based in Leeds for almost 20 years, supporting a variety of local sports and community clubs is a large part of our proactive corporate social responsibility programme. Having known Terry for a number of years now his passion for the sport is clear and it’s a privilege to be able to help him follow his dream.We’re looking forward to seeing big things from him in the future.” ❐
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